A Message from Judge Little

As a parent, I am appalled and sickened by the horrible situations and abuse children suffer at the hands of adults. Sadly, these adults are usually mothers, fathers, grandparents, other relatives or people in authority positions they loved and trusted. People who chose drugs, sex addictions, sexual predators and self gratitude over the needs of their most precious resource, their children. So, as a parent, I believe in the goals and vision of CASA and support its mission….to save our children from abuse and neglect.

As a Juvenile Court Judge, I see horrible situations involving our children unfold every day. I always look to a CASA volunteer for help and informed, accurate facts. CASA means to me: “a person who becomes the eyes, ears and voice of an abused or neglected child whose future depends on their training and instincts. A business person, teacher, or homemaker who works tireless hours combing over medical records, police reports and court files. In addition, that same dedicated volunteer completes home studies, background checks and speaks to teachers, neighbors and their most important source of information, their client and CASA child.”

Children are innocent, precious gifts that learn evil and fear from the people they love, trust and depend on to raise them. Sometimes, children can never go home. Most times, they return home after all the problems in their family get “fixed”, but always under the watchful eye of their guardian angel we call a CASA volunteer.

I am proud to have been the President of the Board of Directors of the first CASA organization established in Madison County. It is impossible to count how many children’s lives have been saved by CASA. ¬†And as the saying goes, the hundreds of volunteers who put their heart and soul into all their cases for no financial gain are “priceless” to Juvenile Court and every child that has been blessed by a CASA volunteer.

We can never have too many volunteers because every child in the court system deserves the best our community has to offer. In my opinion, I will always trust and rest easier knowing that a CASA volunteer is “on the case”. Please call 731-427-5554 and attend our training program and take on a once in a lifetime opportunity to save a child from hopelessness to a fulfilled, safe life. Is that too much to ask?


Christy Little

Madison County Juvenile court judge